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Adrenal Gland Tumour Cancer
The two adrenal glands that our body has are located above each kidney. In the outer most layer of the glands Adrenal cancer usually occurs.  When the tumour is detected to be cancerous it is called an adrenal cortical carcinoma and if it is detected to be non-cancerous it is called a benign adenoma.

General symptoms of Adrenal Gland tumour Cancer are Fever, continuous pain occurring due to the tumour pressure on organs, a tumour pressing against the stomach, a lump in the abdomen and weight loss on a sudden basis for no known reasons.

A person of any age may be diagnosed with an adrenal gland tumour but the average age is 46. More than men it is the women who are more diagnosed with adrenal gland tumours. The survival rate of a person after this cancer is found is around 5 years.

For treating a patient with Adrenal Gland tumour many aspects are kept in mind like in which stage the tumours, keeping in mind the patient’s history will there be a possibility of side effects and overall heath. Main treatment option is Surgery done by a surgical endocrinologist for which the patient is hospitalized for 5 to7 days if the incision is required to be made large. The patient in this case is advised not to heavy objects for at least 6weeks after surgery.

But if laparoscopic surgery is done then in that case the patients need to be hospitalised for 1 to 3 days and can lead a normal life within a week’s time.

Surgery of Adrenal gland may cause bleeding and the tumour may make hormones called catecholamine which cause excess stress so the patient needs to be kept in intensive care.

Another treatment for Adrenal Gland Tumour Caner is Hormone therapy in which the doctor prescribes drugs like metyrapone, metirosine, spironolactone and Streptozotocin

Chemotherapy is yet another treatment option for Adrenal Gland Tumour Cancer through which tumour cells are destroyed by drugs. To cure cancer in the adrenal cortex mitotane is the medication used which lowers the amount of adrenocorticoids which are produced by the adrenal cortex.

In case Adrenal Gland Tumour spreads to another part of the body other than from where it started it is called metastatic cancer.
Surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy all three treatments together may be required in some case. Palliative care will also be important to help relieve symptoms and side effects.

It is always not possible to recover from an adrenal gland Tumour. When this cancer reaches a stage where no control or cure of it is possible then it is called advanced or terminal.

In case of advancedtumour a patient is expected to live less than 6 months. It is suggested that these patients be put under a type of palliative care called hospice care.