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Comman Name : Spanish Pellitory

Latin Name : Anacyclus pyrethrum DC (Asteraceae), A. officinarum Hayne

Sanskrit Name : Akarakarabha, Akarkara

  • It is significantly used in neurology as it is very effective in curing nervous & neurotic disorders.
  • Medicinally, pellitory root has a pungent efficacy in relieving toothache and promoting a free flow of saliva and making it popular as a food spice. It induces heat, tingling and redness when applied to the skin.
  • A gargle of Pellitory infusion is prescribed for relaxed uvula and for partial paralysis of the tongue and lips.
  • The tincture made from the dried root may be applied to relieve the aching of a decayed tooth, applied on cotton wool, or rubbed on the gums, and for this purpose may with advantage be mixed with camphorated chloroform.