Ayurleaf Herbal Made Ayurvedic Supplements with Traditional Method

Prepared through many traditional methods, such supplements are taken in form of tablets or many existing forms of medicines. Life, then and now is full of stress and diseases. These nervous imbalances, unhealthy way of life are thus treated with the intake of such supplements. These supplements restore the goodness of life that somehow gets barred by unusual and unhealthy way of leading life. The uses of such supplements are used in supporting digestion and overall well being, healthy blood and proper function of immune system. Example of Somras, from the Hindu scriptures where it stated that it's usage provided longevity to one's life apart from curing many incurable internal wounds and halt ageing properties of humans.

TRADITIONAL METHOD From time to time, when disease or death toll, a need is felt to have an efficient medicine system where one can find a cure to sustain a civilization. In the absence of modern medicines, systems like traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Iranian medicine, and acupuncture were used as a substitute for modern medicine. These therapies or system of treating diseases or ailments were acute in healing as required in ancient times. Various extract of herbs, plants was used in treating ailments such as diarrhea, bleeding. In ancient civilizations such as Indus Valley, Chinese civilization used traditional medicines that include folk medicine that is passed down by oral tradition. Sumerians, long time ago have described the uses of plants and herbs and there are proofs that they did have an established medicinal system.

HISTORICAL TIMES AND EVIDENCE There were philosophers in ancient times like Charaka, Pythagoras, Tang Dynasty, Galen where we find their thoughts confined in literary handouts that are found due to their existing oral culture. Many medicines that are used today were mentioned in the book written by Sushrata during 1 BC. These medicines were transmitted orally to a community or social gatherings. The role of midwife, where their use was authenticated by institutionalized systems. Now, as per consensus more than 100 countries have associated themselves with the use of authenticated medicines that are herbal and finds their way back to Vedic periods. Greek times had been of immense use due to presence of philosophers like Aristotle and Diocles where they talk of fluids in body that regulates one emotional and physical health.

AYURVEDIC SUPPLEMENTS Today we have various effective supplements which help in curing varicose diseases, diet pills to enhance diet, fat burners, incompetence, and degeneration of bones. Grapeseed extract, use is also found in Greek scriptures. Many images have been depicted in ancient scriptures where gods are seen eating grapes is of huge importance for this authenticates their use in ancient times as an option to avoid and cure deadly diseases. It helps eradicating plaques that helps to heal the innermost blood vessels. Even its part is used for treating menopause, inflammation of gums and treating urinary tract diseases. It is widely known concept that cinchona tree's bark contains quinine used for malaria.