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Cholesterol lowering Supplements
Cholesterol is soft fatty like substance that is essential for the human body. It helps in building cells and secretion of hormones. Too much of cholesterol increases the toxin levels in the body and therefore that is bad news. Cholesterol can be broadly be classified into three categories namely High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or Good Cholesterol, Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol and very Low Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) or Very Bad forms of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is transported in the blood stream by certain proteins, the combination of which is called Lipoprotein. Most of the cholesterol that our body requires is secreted from the liver, whereas the rest is met up from our food intake.
LDL or bad cholesterol gets collected inside the walls of our arteries thereby constricting the blood flow pathway into the heart, leaving the person vulnerable from heart diseases like partial or complete blockage, heart failure etc. This phenomenon is called atherosclerosis. Good cholesterol works in favour of our health and decreases the chances of these critical heart diseases. The Ayurleaf Herbals Cholostel is a wonder pill that lowers down the bad cholesterol of the body and keeps a check on the overall cholesterol level of the body and keeps the heart healthy and toxic free
Cholesterol causes heart diseases when it converts itself into harmful toxins which may cause heart blockage, seizure, failure etc. This phenomenon is called atherosclerosis. The Ayurleaf Herbals Cholostel is a Cholesterol lowering supplement as it prevents the formation of atherosclerosis by blocking the toxin formation of bad cholesterol. Cholostel is also rich in anti oxidants which help in purifying the blood and keeps the triglyceride level also in check, making it an ideal Supplement for high Triglycerides.  The Ayurleaf Herbals Cholostel is absolutely natural and it contains the following herbs as its ingredients:
1 Garlic has been in use for the medicinal purpose even longer than it has been in use as food. Studies suggest that garlic lowers down the LDL and the Triglycerides of the body by a significant margin. Garlic is also used to cure dropsy, deafness, respiratory illness.
2 Arjuna is the herb that keeps the body and mind clear, spotless and free from all the impurities. The Arjuna means the White one, bright and clear. Arjuna  is cardio protective, by means of its cleansing effect, that clears the walls of the artery, thereby reducing the deposition of bad Cholesterol on the wall of the artery and helps in strengthening the same. It works really well to keep a check on the cholesterol level of the body.
3 Maka or Maca is a plant that is generally found in the Andean plateaus of Peru. This herb is packed in carbohydrates, which energise the cell and increases libido for males. This herb is also said to lower down the toxin level of the blood and purifies the arteries of the LDL and is very useful for cholesterol treatment.
Hence these features make this product an ideal Cholesterol lowering supplement and Supplement for high triglycerides.