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Ayurvedic hair care products 
Hair comes in different textures, colour, length and style. Every women wish for a long wavy manageable and shiny smooth hair.  Similarly men have their list of wishes in regard to hair, where mostly they want it to be dandruff free and maintain a good volume. In totality if we analyse, most human beings wishes to stay away from hair loss. Unfortunately if one is already undergoing this evil phenomenon of hair loss, that person seeks for hair growth.
Biobaxy has produced a solution to all such problems of hair loss and solutions for hair growth by introducing Ayurvedic hair care products (Hairgard). Hairgard is an all in one solution to all hair issues whereas herbal supplements combat problems related to dandruff, greying of hair and promises hair growth and is a complete Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss as well as Ayurvedic treatment for hair growth.  Hair loss traces its origin to lifestyle patterns, food habits as well as genes and obviously hair care has a big role to play in this. 
Hairgard is a promise for restricting hair loss. If we analyse its composition we find the composition of rich herbs which do not leave any chemical effect on the body as well as promises effective solution to hair problems. Hairgard has an amazing amalgamation of herbs like Brungraj or Eclipta Alba, Bhumi Amla or Phylanthus Niruri, Amalki Rasayan or Emblica Officinalis, Trikatu or Ginger and Praval Pishti or Red Corals. Ntake of all theses herbs in a single dose helps in soothing the scalp. This also results in strengthening the roots of the hair. Thus hair loss significantly decreases with regular intake.
Herbal hair care supplements intake promises you to potent hair growth and erosion of all other hair related problems. It is true that there are many natural hair care remedies available at the click of internet. But it is equally true that all methods are time consuming and difficult in executing. Primary intake of this tonic helps in iron absorption in body and improves haemoglobin level. Making the hair stronger, prohibiting dullness, restricting ageing and dandruff are some of the main task of this tonic.
Intake of both these products along with a good healthy diet and normal lifestyle will disappear all problems of hair. Regular one or two capsule consumption post meal will be helpful. However pregnant ladies can consult a physician before intake. If you are looking for complete hair care solution, refer to Hairgard for optimum hair health.