Effective Herbs available Online in UAE-Dubai

Herbs have proven their propertity to treat diseases in human life. They play a vital role in day-to-day life. Herbs are plant which provides us the various health benefits with the help of their nutritional value. Herbs strengthen our immune system and help in ailing numerous diseases. Herbs reduce the nutritional deficiencies and recover the function of the body. All we require is sufficient knowledge to treat the diseases. This article gives you a glimpse of some effective herbs.

Amalki Amalki is also known as 'Emblica Officinalis'. It is the fruitful herb which is light greenish and possess high amount of vitamin-c in it. The amount of vitamin-c in one Amalki is twelve times higher than one orange. The Unique quality of this herb is that it is mostly used as a liquid product that enhances and restores the life force. It is the main ingredient of 'Triphla' and 'chavanprasha'. By taking regular intake of Amalki, you can give a boost to your body.

Ashwagandha It is also known as 'Withania somnifera. Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic history. Meaning of ashwagandha is 'smell of horse' which means that it imparts the strength and power of a stallion. This herb helps in various dieses like stress, fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty in concentration etc. It contains some other medicine in it like alkaloids, withanolides, amino acids, fatty acids etc. There are numerous benefits of Ashwgandha like secure the immune system, improve in memory, reduction in depression and anxiety, impower brain cell, regularize the blood level, lower down the cholesterol etc. Eveready our body require essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients to give a balance.

Arjuna It is also known as 'Terminalia arjuna'. It is a rich source of zinc, magnisum, calcium and copper. Arjuna is used for the medicine species which are Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia Arjuna. Terminalia Chebula and Terminalia bellerica are both used for digestive disorders and high cholesterol. They are also useful in ailing HIV too. Terminalia Arjuna is used for balancing three body diseases which are vata, pitta, kapha. There are many benefits of Arjuna one of which is that it helps individual in ailing there asthma. It also helps in skin treatment as well and good for skin renewals. One has to take the Terminalia powder mixed with honey and apply on the face. You will find that it glows the skin.

Bael It is also known as 'Aegle marmelos'. It is tree which produces around 1000 fruits in a year. It contains various elements like calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin-c and some amount of vitamin-B as well. The fruit is well known for its nutritional value. Bael works best against diarrhea, inflammatory bowel diseases. It helps in ailing gastro disorders, ulceration too. Beal is very cold fruit in its essence and highly beneficial to save some one from heat in summer. Bael leaves juice is used in making Astapatra taila which is used for headache. Beal is generally used in juice form and known as bael sharbat. It is also available in dried form and its taste is bitter and pungent but it gives the fragrance of roses.