Company at a Glance

Bio-Baxy Technologies, a Mumbai-based pharma company, is young and dedicated to developing indigenous resources to produce generic drug formulations. The prolific activities of this company are facilitating its business growth in many locations universally. It has spread its wings worldwide. In the domestic and international pharmacy market, it is already an established supplier of quality medicinal products needed for allopathic and alternative therapies like specific herbal protocols. Globally we have a strong presence for many years in South Africa, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Philippines, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Thailand, Congos, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Gulf countries and parts of Europe.

We have a highly organized way of dealing with the medical requirements that come to us from all over the world. We have a simple guiding philosophy. Our belief in the above quote stems from the fact that most consumers take medicines over the counter. We try to see that our products reach the right consumers from the right dealers. Our products have the WHO/GMP certification.

  • Biobaxy is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter and service provider in complete health care categories.
  • Emerging and diversing in cosmetic, skin care and beauty care categories with ayurvedic effects.
  • Educating and making propaganda effects in ayurveda baseline of yoga and teaching of kundalini(meditation).
  • Biobaxy group is associated with multi groups of companies with this international brand "Ayurleaf herbal".
  • Establish and greate presence of ayurleaf herbals at different international such as east africa, west africa, russia, europe, USA, and parts of caribbean islands.


Product Information Videos

We have been supplying a prolific range of medicines available in the form of tablets, capsules, drops, syrups, gel and injections.

Our strength lies in a multi- pronged strategy

  • Delivery of the same good quality medical products.
  • Although we deal in generic supplies we ensure that we have attractive packaging. This is essential to ensure that consumers do not
  • mistake it for any fake products.
  • Our product portfolio spans several herbal and pharmaceutical brands
  • Our economic pricing brings back long standing customers
  • Our products have the WHO/GMP certification
  • We are one of the most sought after companies for our popular herbal products

Our constant endeavor is to discover new ways to servicing our customers. Hence we have short and long term programs involving human resources in following areas:

  • Our professional team works to expand our horizons by research and development. We seek to make better molecules with the latest DCGI approved molecules under WHO-GMP norms.
  • We provide professional support in locations where generic drugs are popular.
  • Our product portfolio spans several herbal and pharmaceutical brands.
  • We encourage trade enquiries from enterprising individuals who wish to set up franchises anywhere in the world.
  • We are ready to send complimentary samples of our products to interested individuals for potential business.
  • All our products have the WHO/GMP certification.
  • We offer all kinds of Erectile Dysfunctional (impotent) drugs in high demand worldwide.
  • Customers trust us for our globally accepted quality.