Pain Healer Ayurvedic Medicine

Adityabhakta is a newest product, and has energetic components of sunflower oil. In this process sunflower oil is pressed from the seeds of the sunflower.
Adityabhakta is used for curing constipation. It is the main problem of today's generation, as all the work is done by mentally and not physically. So it helps to cure from constipation.

  • Including Adityabhakta in diet helps to lower the total cholesterol. However, using sunflower oil may be a reduced amount of active at falling cholesterol as compared to Palm oil. People who are suffering from peripheral vascular disease sunflower oil might not affect them.
  • Some people apply sunflower oil directly to the skin for poorly healing wounds. If a person suffering from athlete's wound than he can apply Adityabhakta to the affected area for 6 weeks, it is sure that he can cure himself from that disease.
  • It also cures from Psoriasis. Psoriasis changes skin into red color and gets patches on skin. Adityabhakta can help to cure this disease. This disease mainly affects the skin and is found over the scalp of the skin.
  • It also cures from arthritis, by using it regularly a patient can get relaxed from the arteries pain. Arteries pain is caused due to stretching of muscles of the body which gives immense pain. By applying it on the affected surface a person may cure this disease.
  • It is also good massage oil. To give a massage only to the body by Adityabhakta a Person may get rest. Massaging regularly opens the pores of the body and gives quite good feeling and body gets enough amount of oil.
  • This oil is also used in foods, as cooking oil. It is healthy oil, as one can consume it while cooking. As, it lowers down the bad cholesterol so it is good for the person who is suffering from the cholesterol. Eating habits of today's age has made everything bad to the body. So, it helps to clear the body and it is healthy oil to consume on daily basis.
  • The leaf of Adityabhakta is used as remedy for stomach ache also. It is natural gift given to us by nature.

It is necessary to consume the appropriate amount of Adityabhakta as it differs from body to body. Now, we can say that no two bodies functions same, so it is very important to give the accurate amount of Adityabhakta. Although it is nature's gift to us but it is also necessary to give an accurate amount or as required by the body. It is highly recommended to preserve it for future so that coming generation can also use it and can take the advantage of these natural gifts. It is a medicinal herb which can be given instantly to the patient.