Purify the blood with Aindri

Aindri is a natural gift which is given to us by nature. It is used to cure many diseases in a natural way. Its leaves, fruits and roots are used to prepare medicine. Its taste is bitter and spicy. It is very useful and it can be used to fight against many diseases.

The main uses and benefits of Aindri are - The fruits of Aindri are used by the patients who are suffering from Anemia, asthma and bronchitis. It is used to increase the blood in body and gives a good supply of blood to the whole body and it clears the oxygen of the body by purifying it.

It helps to improve the problem of constipation, genital disorders, cancer, dropsy and fever. These problems are found everywhere these days, due to the busy schedule of the person or due to the less physical exercise a person comes in contact with these diseases. To eradicate these diseases from its root, Aindri is used as it is the best herb and is very useful.

The oil of the seeds helps in hair growth. It helps to grow hairs naturally. Ladies can use this to grow their hair as it does not have any chemical in the oil. It is a natural gift for the ladies or even men can use this oil to keep their head cover with hair.

Uterine pain can also be controlled by this herb. Ladies suffer too much and they have pain in their uterine, it can be used to control this pain and sometimes can be used to remove it from the body. It is naturally removed so there are 100% chances to give rest to the body from this disease. It is very useful for the women.

The leaves of this plant also cause abortion. Sometimes lady conceives by mistake, and if she does not wants to continue its pregnancy so it is the best herb to give to that lady. But if she wants to conceive and wants to continue its pregnancy so it is highly recommended to keep it away from the pregnant ladies. It is the natural way to remove the pregnancy.

It is good medicine for jaundice. A person who suffers from jaundice, Aindri is a good herb to give to the patient as sometimes a patient who is suffering from jaundice can even die.

Snake bites, a serious issue, which sometimes led to death as it is a poisonous bite, and the person may lead to death so Aindri is an herb which is given to the patient. It helps the patient to keep him away from drowsiness and gives him a new life.

It cures tumor of the lever which directly opens the door of death. It causes death of the patient. Aindri is the gift for the person and for the family. It removes the tumor naturally.

Aindri is used to prevent many serious diseases and even it serves many other diseases which can be diagnosed by this herb. This herb is a blessing of nature to the human.