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Kidney health - 8 ways to keep your kidneys healthy

You know just how important a healthy heart is to your overall health. But did you know that the same applies to your kidneys? While it’s common knowledge that the heart keeps us alive by pumping blood through our bodies and performing other metabolic functions that are vital for survival, it is not as well known that the kidneys filter blood. Yes, urine which is produced by the kidneys is essentially filtered blood. In fact, people who have kidney disease (ESRD) often die from it. Well, they can prevent this through 8 ways to keep their kidneys healthy.

It’s easy to keep your kidneys healthy with these healthy lifestyle changes

Indeed, people who follow these 8 tips will soon find their kidneys working optimally:

Stay hydrated throughout the day - people who drink water have better functioning kidneys. Water flushes out harmful minerals, metals, and other toxins from the kidneys. People who don’t drink approximately 64 ounces of water a day can easily become dehydrated. They run the risk of developing painful and sometimes deadly kidney stones and other health problems.

Eat less salt - salt raises blood pressure and causes water retention. This puts great pressure on both the heart and the kidneys. In fact, people who eat a high sodium diet have been known to go into early kidney failure.

Don’t pop painkillers - over-the-counter painkillers contain Ibuprofen. This is an active ingredient that can cause extensive kidney damage when taken regularly.

Keep your blood pressure under control - remember the magic ratio 120/80. Always try to keep your blood pressure readings under this ratio. High blood pressure can cause severe (blood) circulation problems. This damages the kidneys since it places lots of unnecessary pressure on them.

Make sure your weight is within your BMI - BMI stands for body mass index. It shows the percentage of your body that is fat. Make sure it’s below 24.5%. Your kidneys will thank you because obesity can make you pre-diabetic. This can make your body less likely to make and process insulin. Your body will go into overdrive producing calcium to compensate for this. Your kidneys will be overworked processing all of this (calcium). They (your kidneys) become less efficient at filtering your blood and this often leads to you developing dangerous and painful kidney stones.

Don’t’ binge alcohol - that old adage you heard about a glass of wine a day keeping the doctor away is actually an old wives’ tale. Alcohol is full of a protein called purine. Your kidneys will work overtime processing these. They will produce uric acid which will accumulate in them (kidneys) and create kidney disease and problematic kidney stones.

Stay away from cigarettes - cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, and any product that has you inhaling tobacco is bad for your kidneys. The reason why is because the nicotine causes your blood vessels to contract. This reduces blood flow to your kidneys (and body.) It also dramatically elevates your blood pressure. Both cause the tissue in your kidneys to be scarred and inflamed. Your kidneys will be damaged with time and may even become completely nonfunctional. You’ll be on dialysis for life in this instance.

See your doctor regularly if you are:

  • Overfat
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Smoke
  • Are diabetic
  • Have African, Aboriginal, or Asian ancestors
  • Kidney disease runs in your family

You’re at a greater risk of developing kidney disease and experiencing kidney failure if any of these apply to you!

Keeping your kidneys healthy is about managing your life

The 8 tips that you can follow to keep your kidneys healthy that this article discussed are actually tips that will lead to a healthier and more productive life. So if you manage your life and make sure that you are healthy, you’ll be keeping your kidneys healthy as well!