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Types Of Diabetes And How To Get Rid Of The Very Same?

Types Of Diabetes And How To Get Rid Of The Very Same?

The human world is filled with various types of diseases. Some of these diseases are life taking, some of these diseases are permanent and everlasting why some of the diseases are rare and misleading. Some of the diseases are short termed and not harmful at all.
Some of the diseases have the qualities of looking small but in fact are too big and harmful, fatal as well as everlasting.

One such disease is also known as diabetes. The diabetes is a basically two types and happens because of various reasons. People should have an idea about the same in order to know how to fight the diabetes properly.

The two types of diabetes:

The following are the two types of diabetes that can a person suffers from:

1. Diabetes Type 1:  the Type 1 Diabetes happens due to the basic factor of missing insulin from the body. The insulin is missing from the body because of the fact that the immune system has killed the Beta cells that produces insulin in the body. This is the exact reason why there is no insulin which will be able to carry the glucose in the blood to the cells in order to break them down and create energy for the body. The glucose the set free in the blood and roam around causing blood sugar for the people.

2. Diabetes type 2:  the diabetes type 2 is also caused due to the missing insulin in the body.  But in this case the insulin is not missing at all rather the receptor that actually permits the insulin into carry the glucose into the cells is actually missing or not working.  This way the same thing happens that is the glucose cannot be carried into the cell and actually roams freely in the blood causing diabetes.

Why opt for ayurvedic medicines for diabetes?

The many reasons why for diabetes ayurvedic medicine should be any day selected for diabetes over anything else. The very first of the season is the fact that the Ayurvedic medicines are easily available in front us.

They do not cause anything excess, and also they are available in form of herbs and spices Right in our home as well as the marketplace. They are safe and healthy as well as make great addition to the food.

People should any day select an Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. This will keep them healthy safe and free from Diabetes forever.

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