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Biobaxy Technologies India (R) is an Creative Multi Group Marketing Company accredited as manufacturers & exporters of a premium range of Herbal, food and Pharma Products. proven and trusted healthcare industry 100% Export Oriented ISO-9001-2008 GMP & FSSAI Certified Company. Established in many part of globe with multiple branch's and retail and wholesale outlets .

Biobaxy Technologies India (R) has merged and associated with most sought and advance ,fastest growing herbal , food supplements brand as "Ayurleafherbals" Ayurleaf brand of trust and faith for all ayurveda interested consumer worldwide,ayurleaf already spread there wings in Africa , Europe , Russia and some part of gulf. Biobaxy technologies India , offer various platform and service in the various path for re-seller. Distributors and also we help to established and partner for all various herbal ,generic and branded medicine supply world wide.

Also, we provide services for registered online pharmacy or retail pharmacy , as a legal pharmacy Dropshipping Services world wide - DHL / FEDEX / USPS / and other logistics in bulk and small orders as required.

We are facilitated with sophisticated technical facilities and advanced processing units. Our 28processing site has a production capacity of 500 TPA and our factory has been approved by large MNCs.The dexterous team of experts formulates the range of herbal and cosmetic and pharma products using sophisticated facilities and highly intelligent ,experiences researchers to fulfill the today generations categories requirements  .
The range is further tested by quality auditors, starting from the raw material to the final stage. Free samples of our array are offered to the customers along with test reports. This helps in ascertaining the quality of our chemical compounds. Further, we make sure that the orders are delivered at clients addresses within the given time period with reliable packaging so as to ensure protection during transit. Owing to our quality and timely delivery.

We have garnered a widespread clientele, and we regularly export to the Indian Subcontinent & across the world. The mentor of our company Biobaxy Technologies India is a highly knowledgeable and pioneering individual possessing ample experience in this field. Under his inspiring leadership, our company has scaled new heights and carved a niche for itself in this domain.

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Dropshipping is generally a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not collect the stock but instead transfers the stock to the consumer, as per their orders and are shipped either to the manufacturer, or another retailer, or a wholesaler, or to those who then ships the product directly to the consumer. As in retail businesses, most of the retailers make their profit on the basis of difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some of them earn as per the discussed percentage of the sale of commodity, which is to be paid by the wholesaler to the retailer. The brand Biobaxy plays the role pharmacy dropshipping also and ensures the direct delivery.

The service of pharmacy dropshipping is available worldwide. However, we also are planning to expand this pharmacy dropshipping process to other parts of the world also. However the demand of customers, related to our products is the only key to success that will proved to be the mile stone in our business. The advantages that we provide are the one hundred percent ensured conveyance to our precious customers, no to low shipping charges, free re-shipment to those customers whose packed is lost or damaged during the shipment process.

Our pharmacy dropshipping department also ensures the delivery of the correct and demanded product of the customer. All the medications or the pharmaceutical drugs are of best quality and are formulated as per the guidelines that are defined by the WHO ,FSSAI standards which stands for the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India and world health organisation The Biobaxy is also ISO 9001-2008 certified company, that is the additional boon to the customers, for ensuring the delivery of safe, original product or the pharmaceutical drug. Also the 72 labs of this company works regularly to check the quality or any other defects in our products, which makes complete safety of our products

The company Biobaxy, is following the medicine drop shipper methods, according to which the medicines and drugs are directly forwarded to the customers. In this supply chain technique, the retailer does not keep any stock of goods or commodity with himself, rather sends it to the customer as per their demands. The retailer can also forward the commodities to manufacturer, another retailer, also to the wholesaler, not to forget the customers also. And the commission is based either on the percentage of sale of commodity or by the demand that is being demanded by the retailer. And the profit is shared.

The Biobaxy company is now mastered in the production of generic medicines. These medications are safe to eat and consume. In addition to it, the medicine or drugs manufactured by this company also does not provide any side effects on the body. Also, the manufacturing of the products are purely organic and made under the standards of FSSAI, that is, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, this body ensures that the food product made are up to the mark and are processed under complete safety of the product. The Biobaxy is also generic medicine drop shipper.

To fulfill the great demand of the customers, it is important to play the main or influencing role in the supply chain management. And hence, to provide profit and satisfaction to all, this company has invited the contribution of all to share the profit, which is a great effort. Even the customers are satisfied with this medicine drop shipper and retailer on the other hand enjoys his full and complete share of profit. This type of business also enables the formulation of a healthy relationship between the customer, retailer, wholesaler and the manufacturer.

Not only this, the profit share concept via generic medicine drop shipper, also ensure that the original and authentic product is delivered to the needful person, as the medication are capable of both saving the life and, also, killing a person. However the culture of medication supply directly from the company diminishes such chances. This chain supply management was only based on such aims, which are now on the verge of fulfillment by Biobaxy. The on time delivery increases the customers demand and builds up strong trust on the company, hence, is helpful in expanding a healthy and successful business; and customers plays a very important role in it.

The generic medicines or drug that refers to as the pharmaceutical product that is comparable to a brand or the reference drug listed medicine product in dosage form, quality and strength. It can also be studied on the basis of performance characteristics also, along with the intended use of the same. Being related to the pharmaceuticals, the brand Biobaxy can be categorized in to the category of a generic medicine supplier. This company provides 100% original and authentic pharmaceutical products which are safe to consume. These herbal or low chemicals pharmaceutical products lays the specific action on our body; treating the same.

The word generic can also be utilized to define the chemical name of the drug; when compared to the pharmacy. Mostly the drugs or the tablets or pills are sold by the chemical name of the ingredient which is used to formulate the drug. For an instance, diazepam, it is the name of the chemical substance that is used to formulate this drug and hence is available in the market with the same name. And hence, the brand Biobaxy, the generic medicine supplier, does the same. Some of the products of this company are also sold and available in the market with their generic names.

The generic medicine supplier also is capable of selling or marketing the drug under the name of its chemicals, that too, without any advertising. The company Biobaxy lays full trust on their employees and trusts them for the formulation of the original, authentic and effective products. All the products of this brand have faced several tough exams before entering the market and thus prove to the best and widely accepted products and brands of the generic medicines. Hence, a customer can order the required product directly from this supplier in just few clicks.

Ayurleaf Herbals with FSSAI License

Fssai Ayurleaf herbal is a company that ensures that the above mentioned cautionary measures remain naive to people. Plethora of products that rule the market, Ayurleaf is one such company that actually manufactures such products so as to ensure that somewhere the faith that humankind have on the Ayurveda is not lost. It is an ISO-9001-2008 certified company, ensuring that the product you buy is of good quality and at the best price that is affordable and real. The products that are made, act on the principle that govern old ancient civilization of not only India but Greek and Roman times. Thus herbal life brings you variety of products without compromising on the quality and is completely trustworthy.

What is FSSAI? Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) takes care of all the products that are distributed in the market to ensure that they do not harm public health. It supervises food and ensures that food safety is of the prime importance. It was established way back in 2006, under Food and Safety and Standard Act, food related issue of India. Capital of India, New Delhi acts as the place of its headquarters. Apart from that it has 8 offices in different states to keep a check on the products that are manufactured in all over India. Even 72 laboratories are present all over India to take care of people health and safety.

How to acquire FSSAI License? There are two type licenses that are available for which one can take approval i.e. Central, State. Presence of premises is mandatory and it is of major importance for getting the license as it is acts as criteria for which license one is eligible. There is a major paperwork that is required to fill out the registration form. One can find the contact details very easily and thus officials can be contacted for further questions or queries.

Ayurveda and Herbal Products Herbal products are very widely demanded in the public sphere. In fact, people mostly demand products that are herbal in nature and are of high eminence. Ayurveda is native to the India and thus people in India who have enough knowledge of herbal manufacturing have started manufacturing the products. Due to its high demand and popular culture, it is created on a great scale and it is possible that flocks of products that are not even herbal are passed off as such due to people immense faith in herbal life and its benefits. The main reason is that it has very less or no side-effects. These products are safe and very easy to use. Our scriptures time and again have talked of its importance in one's life. People in fact have started naming their products on the herbal ingredients they contain so as to market their product. One must ensure that they are not buying the product on its face or brand value and must ensure that they buy products that are safe and real.

Ayurleaf Herbal Made Ayurvedic Supplements with Traditional Method

Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine Prepared through many traditional methods, such supplements are taken in form of tablets or many existing forms of medicines. Life, then and now is full of stress and diseases. These nervous imbalances, unhealthy way of life are thus treated with the intake of such supplements. These supplements restore the goodness of life that somehow gets barred by unusual and unhealthy way of leading life. The uses of such supplements are used in supporting digestion and overall well being, healthy blood and proper function of immune system. Example of Somras, from the Hindu scriptures where it stated that it's usage provided longevity to one's life apart from curing many incurable internal wounds and halt ageing properties of humans.

TRADITIONAL METHOD From time to time, when disease or death toll, a need is felt to have an efficient medicine system where one can find a cure to sustain a civilization. In the absence of modern medicines, systems like traditional Chinese medicine, ancient Iranian medicine, and acupuncture were used as a substitute for modern medicine. These therapies or system of treating diseases or ailments were acute in healing as required in ancient times. Various extract of herbs, plants was used in treating ailments such as diarrhea, bleeding. In ancient civilizations such as Indus Valley, Chinese civilization used traditional medicines that include folk medicine that is passed down by oral tradition. Sumerians, long time ago have described the uses of plants and herbs and there are proofs that they did have an established medicinal system.

HISTORICAL TIMES AND EVIDENCE There were philosophers in ancient times like Charaka, Pythagoras, Tang Dynasty, Galen where we find their thoughts confined in literary handouts that are found due to their existing oral culture. Many medicines that are used today were mentioned in the book written by Sushrata during 1 BC. These medicines were transmitted orally to a community or social gatherings. The role of midwife, where their use was authenticated by institutionalized systems. Now, as per consensus more than 100 countries have associated themselves with the use of authenticated medicines that are herbal and finds their way back to Vedic periods. Greek times had been of immense use due to presence of philosophers like Aristotle and Diocles where they talk of fluids in body that regulates one emotional and physical health.

AYURVEDIC SUPPLEMENTS Today we have various effective supplements which help in curing varicose diseases, diet pills to enhance diet, fat burners, incompetence, and degeneration of bones. Grapeseed extract, use is also found in Greek scriptures. Many images have been depicted in ancient scriptures where gods are seen eating grapes is of huge importance for this authenticates their use in ancient times as an option to avoid and cure deadly diseases. It helps eradicating plaques that helps to heal the innermost blood vessels. Even its part is used for treating menopause, inflammation of gums and treating urinary tract diseases. It is widely known concept that cinchona tree's bark contains quinine used for malaria.

Effective Herbs available Online in UAE-Dubai

Herbal Product Manufacturer Herbs have proven their propertity to treat diseases in human life. They play a vital role in day-to-day life. Herbs are plant which provides us the various health benefits with the help of their nutritional value. Herbs strengthen our immune system and help in ailing numerous diseases. Herbs reduce the nutritional deficiencies and recover the function of the body. All we require is sufficient knowledge to treat the diseases. This article gives you a glimpse of some effective herbs.

Amalki Amalki is also known as 'Emblica Officinalis'. It is the fruitful herb which is light greenish and possess high amount of vitamin-c in it. The amount of vitamin-c in one Amalki is twelve times higher than one orange. The Unique quality of this herb is that it is mostly used as a liquid product that enhances and restores the life force. It is the main ingredient of 'Triphla' and 'chavanprasha'. By taking regular intake of Amalki, you can give a boost to your body.

Ashwagandha It is also known as 'Withania somnifera. Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic history. Meaning of ashwagandha is 'smell of horse' which means that it imparts the strength and power of a stallion. This herb helps in various dieses like stress, fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty in concentration etc. It contains some other medicine in it like alkaloids, withanolides, amino acids, fatty acids etc. There are numerous benefits of Ashwgandha like secure the immune system, improve in memory, reduction in depression and anxiety, impower brain cell, regularize the blood level, lower down the cholesterol etc. Eveready our body require essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients to give a balance.

Arjuna It is also known as 'Terminalia arjuna'. It is a rich source of zinc, magnisum, calcium and copper. Arjuna is used for the medicine species which are Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia Arjuna. Terminalia Chebula and Terminalia bellerica are both used for digestive disorders and high cholesterol. They are also useful in ailing HIV too. Terminalia Arjuna is used for balancing three body diseases which are vata, pitta, kapha. There are many benefits of Arjuna one of which is that it helps individual in ailing there asthma. It also helps in skin treatment as well and good for skin renewals. One has to take the Terminalia powder mixed with honey and apply on the face. You will find that it glows the skin.

Bael It is also known as 'Aegle marmelos'. It is tree which produces around 1000 fruits in a year. It contains various elements like calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin-c and some amount of vitamin-B as well. The fruit is well known for its nutritional value. Bael works best against diarrhea, inflammatory bowel diseases. It helps in ailing gastro disorders, ulceration too. Beal is very cold fruit in its essence and highly beneficial to save some one from heat in summer. Bael leaves juice is used in making Astapatra taila which is used for headache. Beal is generally used in juice form and known as bael sharbat. It is also available in dried form and its taste is bitter and pungent but it gives the fragrance of roses.

Ayurvedic Medicine by AyurLeaf Herbals

Ayurvedic Medicine by AyurLeaf Herbals Ayurvedic medicine which has its origin in upaveda is native to the Indian subcontinent and was also mentioned in ancient literature. Ayurveda can be split in to two words: AYUR- life and VEDA- Knowledge which itself defines its meaning. Ayurvedic medicine includes various practices like usage of herbs instead of chemicals and also massages with these natural oils can relieve pain and reduce swellings. Ayurvedic medicine was also mentioned in the age old Sanskrit literature Charaka samhita and Susrutha samhita. Ayurvedic medicine has also an advantage of minimal or negligible side effects which is why it is more popular in rural areas than in urban areas.

AYURLEAF HERBALS AyurLeaf Herbals is an online platform which aims to bring Ayurveda to the hands of maximum customers through online. This company is the exporter and manufacturer of wide range of food and herbal supplements. It also makes you to consult specialists for free and this company is the best destination for those who want to buy products in bulk and it also provides for overseas shipping. It offers wide range of Ayurvedic products of various brands without any compromise of quality. AyurLeaf Herbals has four components: Manufacturing, Supply Trading and Export. It provides wide range of products for different problems like hair loss, blood purifier, Antidiabetic, weight loss, weight gain, digestion etc. These medicines are known for its quality and cheap cost. It manufactures Ayurvedic medicines, herbal products and Herbal Medicines. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines provided by AyurLeaf Herbals are Herbal Products for Brain Care, Natural Skin Care Products, Pain Relief products, Tulsi Extract, Psyllium seeds, Memory increase medicines.

HERBAL HEALTH SHATAVARI CAPSULES All the parts of these plant- roots, leaves and flowers are useful for treating diseases. These capsules are used to treat cold, cough, dysentery, stomach pains. These are also used to increase lactation for pregnant ladies. They can also be used for both male and female reproductive problems.

HERBAL MEMORY INCREASE MEDICINE The herb from which this medicine was made usually grows in Himalayas. This herb has been in use since 3000 years and famous for its capability to increase memory. Also, this herb can be used for cough, asthma, arthritis and joint pains. It helps in circulation of blood and also improves nervous system. But, some precautions should be taken when using this herb ad should be kept out of reach of children.

NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS The main herb used for these products is Azadirachta Indica (Neem). All the parts of neem tree have herbal properties. It has an excellent ability to cure skin diseases and is an antiviral for chicken pox and small pox. One can get rid of all the toxins from the body with the help of these skin care products and the body also glows with the regular use of the product.

Though the products are available widely all over the internet at a single click, one should not use them without proper medication because Self medication of these products may cause side effects which are why AyurLeaf Herbals provides fee consultancy of experts in Ayurvedic medicine.


Ayurvedic Franchise In Europe Ayurveda refers to "life-knowledge" whereas Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional system of Hindu medicine which is native to Indian subcontinent. Contemporary practices derived from Ayurvedic traditions are very beneficial and an alternative of medicine. A discipline of the "auxiliary knowledge", Ayurveda plays a very important role in Vedic tradition. Ayurvedic is practiced by the use of various natural and herbal medicines, metal supplementation surgical techniques, opium, and oil massages. Ayurveda tends to emphasize attaining vitality by building a healthy metabolic system and maintaining the digestion which consequently leads to good excretion. Ayurveda also includes yoga, meditation and exercise. Ayurveda follows the concepts of natural cycles including waking, sleeping, working, meditation etc. and hygiene, including regular bathing, cleaning of teeth, eye washing and skin care is also a central practice.

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Franchising is emerging as a popular option for scaling up. This is the key feature which is making most of the brands to franchise their businesses. Some of the examples of franchise in Europe are; Planet Ayurveda Franchisee- Panchkarma Retreat and Clinic, Ayurkaya etc. They conduct regular presentation and camps about Ayurveda in Europe at various locations and also provide regular articles about Ayurveda in magazines. Franchise promotes many things at a time: business of the company, market value, globalization, social issues etc.

Let's talk about Ayurkaya: They have their own range of products which includes formulations, ghee, teas, classical oil, etc, which are available in Europe. Ayurkaya is among the few companies who are legally allowed to sell Ayurveda herbs in Europe through pharmacy. Ayurkaya has a strong base in Europe and also has good connection with many Allopathic doctors, Ayurveda practitioners, and a large number of clients experiencing Ayurveda. This is one of the examples of Ayurvedic franchise in Europe. Similarly many franchises are on working with a belief in nature's healing capacity. Their aim is to keep the body and mind in a balanced state and creating a disease free society. Some complicated and harmful diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Auto immune disease all are treated byvarious ayurvedic herbs, panchkarma therapies and minerals at the franchise centers. Twenty years ago, relatively some individuals in Europe, apart from those who origins lay in South Asian countries, knew about Ayurveda; played an essential role for deeply relaxing wellness therapies of Ayurveda. In several European countries, such as Italy and UK and Germany, doctors can now get learn about Ayurvedic medicines within the framework of postgraduate medical education from the recognized universities and medical councils.

With people becoming increasingly aware of the incredible benefits of the Ayurveda, this offer would mean a fine opportunity for you in terms of business as well as well as human service.


Pain Healer Ayurvedic Medicine Adityabhakta is a newest product, and has energetic components of sunflower oil. In this process sunflower oil is pressed from the seeds of the sunflower.

Adityabhakta is used for curing constipation. It is the main problem of today's generation, as all the work is done by mentally and not physically. So it helps to cure from constipation.

  • Including Adityabhakta in diet helps to lower the total cholesterol. However, using sunflower oil may be a reduced amount of active at falling cholesterol as compared to Palm oil. People who are suffering from peripheral vascular disease sunflower oil might not affect them.
  • Some people apply sunflower oil directly to the skin for poorly healing wounds. If a person suffering from athlete's wound than he can apply Adityabhakta to the affected area for 6 weeks, it is sure that he can cure himself from that disease.
  • It also cures from Psoriasis. Psoriasis changes skin into red color and gets patches on skin. Adityabhakta can help to cure this disease. This disease mainly affects the skin and is found over the scalp of the skin.
  • It also cures from arthritis, by using it regularly a patient can get relaxed from the arteries pain. Arteries pain is caused due to stretching of muscles of the body which gives immense pain. By applying it on the affected surface a person may cure this disease.
  • It is also good massage oil. To give a massage only to the body by Adityabhakta a Person may get rest. Massaging regularly opens the pores of the body and gives quite good feeling and body gets enough amount of oil.
  • This oil is also used in foods, as cooking oil. It is healthy oil, as one can consume it while cooking. As, it lowers down the bad cholesterol so it is good for the person who is suffering from the cholesterol. Eating habits of today's age has made everything bad to the body. So, it helps to clear the body and it is healthy oil to consume on daily basis.
  • The leaf of Adityabhakta is used as remedy for stomach ache also. It is natural gift given to us by nature.

It is necessary to consume the appropriate amount of Adityabhakta as it differs from body to body. Now, we can say that no two bodies functions same, so it is very important to give the accurate amount of Adityabhakta. Although it is nature's gift to us but it is also necessary to give an accurate amount or as required by the body. It is highly recommended to preserve it for future so that coming generation can also use it and can take the advantage of these natural gifts. It is a medicinal herb which can be given instantly to the patient.

Purify the blood with Aindri

Purify the Blood with Aindri Aindri is a natural gift which is given to us by nature. It is used to cure many diseases in a natural way. Its leaves, fruits and roots are used to prepare medicine. Its taste is bitter and spicy. It is very useful and it can be used to fight against many diseases.

The main uses and benefits of Aindri are- The fruits of Aindri are used by the patients who are suffering from Anemia, asthma and bronchitis. It is used to increase the blood in body and gives a good supply of blood to the whole body and it clears the oxygen of the body by purifying it.

It helps to improve the problem of constipation, genital disorders, cancer, dropsy and fever. These problems are found everywhere these days, due to the busy schedule of the person or due to the less physical exercise a person comes in contact with these diseases. To eradicate these diseases from its root, Aindri is used as it is the best herb and is very useful.

The oil of the seeds helps in hair growth. It helps to grow hairs naturally. Ladies can use this to grow their hair as it does not have any chemical in the oil. It is a natural gift for the ladies or even men can use this oil to keep their head cover with hair.

Uterine pain can also be controlled by this herb. Ladies suffer too much and they have pain in their uterine, it can be used to control this pain and sometimes can be used to remove it from the body. It is naturally removed so there are 100% chances to give rest to the body from this disease. It is very useful for the women.

The leaves of this plant also cause abortion. Sometimes lady conceives by mistake, and if she does not wants to continue its pregnancy so it is the best herb to give to that lady. But if she wants to conceive and wants to continue its pregnancy so it is highly recommended to keep it away from the pregnant ladies. It is the natural way to remove the pregnancy.

It is good medicine for jaundice. A person who suffers from jaundice, Aindri is a good herb to give to the patient as sometimes a patient who is suffering from jaundice can even die.

Snake bites, a serious issue, which sometimes led to death as it is a poisonous bite, and the person may lead to death so Aindri is an herb which is given to the patient. It helps the patient to keep him away from drowsiness and gives him a new life.

It cures tumor of the lever which directly opens the door of death. It causes death of the patient. Aindri is the gift for the person and for the family. It removes the tumor naturally.

Aindri is used to prevent many serious diseases and even it serves many other diseases which can be diagnosed by this herb. This herb is a blessing of nature to the human.