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BELOTERO INTENSE provides long-lasting results that will make you look as youthful and energized as you feel. Everyone will notice your refreshed look, but no one will know that BELOTERO is a part of you.

To maximize your comfort, BELOTERO INTENSE is available with lidocaine.

1) Treatment for Wrinkles
2) Treatment for Skin Disorders
3) Treatement for Anti Aging
4) And many other benefit as per book's of cosmetic surgeon.


Get good looking skin with belotero intense treatment

In the modern days, a variety of treatments are provided by the doctors which help to get rid of from wrinkles, fine lines and provide smooth and younger looking skin. Several products are available in market help to get a flawless skin in which belotero intense is the best option. Belotero intense has been making to improve the hydration and adaptability of the skin.

What is Belotero intense?

Belotero intense contains natural ingredients and totally sake for the skin and body. The product contains bio-fermented nonanimal hyaluronic acid 25.5 mg per ml.

Belotero intense is also ideal for natural enhancement of lip volume and provide a better shape for natural looking lips. It also treats nasolabial folds, lip volume and cupid's bow which enhance to look and provide better-looking lips.

How does belotero intense work?

The belotero intense is made with special techniques which create a uniques elasticity and allow it to compatible with the human body. Belotero intense is infused in the skin with a thin needle into the deeper layer and continue to work in the subsequent week or month. The p[ropetries of belotero intense help to smooth out deeper wrinkles, and crows feet around the eyes.

What are the side effects associated with belotero intense?

After the treatment of belotero intense sometimes little swelling and redness may occur and which create itchiness and pain. These side effects will disappear after some time and for lip injections, it can take up to one week. Use the better quality product for the best result.

The belotero intense enable to address fine lines. It can be injected without any risk of lumpiness appearing on the skin surface because it is light and thin. With the help of this product, patients can retain their natural expression and get the treatment to prevent any fine lines.

What are the benefits provided by belotero intense?

Belotero intense provides the long-lasting result to make you look youthful and get smooth and flawless skin tone. The belotero intense treatment helps to get rid of from wrinkles, skin disorders, and also solve anti-aging problems. Many cosmetic surgeon guides to take the belotero intense treatment if you are facing any skin problem like fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and dehydration.

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