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BIOBAXY Technologies India and all its associted companies does not deals in "Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances"

Biobaxy E-Commerce Fulfillment Services.

One Stop Solution For All Logistics And Pack-N-Ship Service Worldwide. With Authorized Licensed And Complete Rules And Regulation Compliance For Export. Est. in year - 1989 in manufacturing and exporting of Herbals, Food and all Pharmaceutical division - 100% export oriented marketing and fulfillment services.

Biobaxy - E-commerce Healthcare , Trade & Logistics Service Worldwide

Biobaxy Technologies India (R) is an Creative Multi Group Marketing Company accredited as manufacturers & exporters of a premium range of Herbal, food and Pharma Products. proven and trusted healthcare industry 100% Export Oriented ISO-9001-2008 GMP & FSSAI Certified Company. Established in many part of globe with multiple branch's and retail and wholesale outlets.

Biobaxy Technologies India (R) has merged and associated with most sought and advance, fastest growing herbal, food supplements brand as "Ayurleafherbals" Ayurleaf brand of trust and faith for all ayurveda interested consumer worldwide,ayurleaf already spread there wings in Africa, Europe, Russia and some part of gulf. Biobaxy technologies India, offer various platform and service in the various path for re-seller. Distributors and also we help to established and partner for all various herbal, generic and branded medicine supply world wide.

We Are The Major And Top Seller Of
All Cosmetic Fillers, Botox, Xeomin And Many Others.

We Are The Major And Top Seller Of
All Cosmetic Fillers, Botox, Xeomin And Many Others.

Welcome to biobaxy.com, a reliable and convenient and super secure gateway for all dermal fillers and cosmetic suppliers like Botox and xeomin and many other all the way for Clinics, Medical Professionals and Wholesalers to purchase Dermal Fillers, Orthopaedics & all other Medical Devices from one trusted source at a competitive price.

Biobaxy technologies india is the retail/wholesale and authorized Allergen / Merck and many more, a licensed wholesale distributor governed by the FDA-INDIA Authority in the INDIA.

Supplying to major location such as USA / AFRICA / EUROPE and with a global reach through our superior logistics expertise, Biobaxy Technologies India prides itself on its price, supply capabilities and service and as a result we have a very loyal and growing client base of satisfied customers who return to us time and again.

We supply all the leading brand names including Juverderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Teosyal, Surgiderm, Sculptra and many many more products. If you cannot see a product that you are looking for, please email us and we will source it for you. We also have our own products, and can represent quality-tested products on behalf of manufacturers looking for retail distribution and/or launch via our platform.

Register today and once your account is verified, you can begin to enjoy the competitive prices that our current customers enjoy. Please note that our injectable products must only be administered by trained and/or accredited medical professionals. If you have an interest in learning about non-surgical procedures, we have our own training division run by experienced and qualified doctors which is in the process of going live.

We look forward to welcoming you as a valued customer. Remember for fillers - think Biobaxy.com (info@biobaxy.com)

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Biobaxy - Affiliate Network Program - The Leading Global Performance Marketing Company In Nutrition Industry

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Dropshipping is generally a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not collect the stock but instead transfers the stock to the consumer, as per their orders and are shipped either to the manufacturer, or another retailer, or a wholesaler, or to those who then ships the product directly to the consumer. As in retail businesses, most of the retailers make their profit on the basis of difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some of them earn as per the discussed percentage of the sale of commodity, which is to be paid by the wholesaler to the retailer. The brand Biobaxy plays the role pharmacy dropshipping also and ensures the direct delivery.

The service of pharmacy dropshipping is available worldwide. However, we also are planning to expand this pharmacy dropshipping process to other parts of the world also. However the demand of customers, related to our products is the only key to success that will proved to be the mile stone in our business. The advantages that we provide are the one hundred percent ensured conveyance to our precious customers, no to low shipping charges, free re-shipment to those customers whose packed is lost or damaged during the shipment process.

Our pharmacy dropshipping department also ensures the delivery of the correct and demanded product of the customer. All the medications or the pharmaceutical drugs are of best quality and are formulated as per the guidelines that are defined by the WHO ,FSSAI standards which stands for the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India and world health organisation The Biobaxy is also ISO 9001-2008 certified company, that is the additional boon to the customers, for ensuring the delivery of safe, original product or the pharmaceutical drug. Also the 72 labs of this company works regularly to check the quality or any other defects in our products, which makes complete safety of our products

The company Biobaxy, is following the medicine drop shipper methods, according to which the medicines and drugs are directly forwarded to the customers. In this supply chain technique, the retailer does not keep any stock of goods or commodity with himself, rather sends it to the customer as per their demands. The retailer can also forward the commodities to manufacturer, another retailer, also to the wholesaler, not to forget the customers also. And the commission is based either on the percentage of sale of commodity or by the demand that is being demanded by the retailer. And the profit is shared.

The Biobaxy company is now mastered in the production of generic medicines. These medications are safe to eat and consume. In addition to it, the medicine or drugs manufactured by this company also does not provide any side effects on the body. Also, the manufacturing of the products are purely organic and made under the standards of FSSAI, that is, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, this body ensures that the food product made are up to the mark and are processed under complete safety of the product. Biobaxy is also one of the leading Ayurvedic Products Manufacturer in India.

To fulfill the great demand of the customers, it is important to play the main or influencing role in the supply chain management. And hence, to provide profit and satisfaction to all, this company has invited the contribution of all to share the profit, which is a great effort. Even the customers are satisfied with this medicine drop shipper and retailer on the other hand enjoys his full and complete share of profit. This type of business also enables the formulation of a healthy relationship between the customer, retailer, wholesaler and the manufacturer.

Not only this, the profit share concept via generic medicine drop shipper, also ensure that the original and authentic product is delivered to the needful person, as the medication are capable of both saving the life and, also, killing a person. However the culture of medication supply directly from the company diminishes such chances. This chain supply management was only based on such aims, which are now on the verge of fulfillment by Biobaxy. The on time delivery increases the customers demand and builds up strong trust on the company, hence, is helpful in expanding a healthy and successful business; and customers plays a very important role in it.

Biobaxy - Pharmacy E-Commerce Healthcare Shipping, Generic Medicine Supplier & Exporters

The generic medicines or drug that refers to as the pharmaceutical product that is comparable to a brand or the reference drug listed medicine product in dosage form, quality and strength. It can also be studied on the basis of performance characteristics also, along with the intended use of the same. Being related to the pharmaceuticals, the brand Biobaxy can be categorized in to the category of a generic medicine supplier. This company provides 100% original and authentic pharmaceutical products which are safe to consume. These herbal or low chemicals pharmaceutical products lays the specific action on our body; treating the same. The word generic can also be utilized to define the chemical name of the drug; when compared to the pharmacy. Mostly the drugs or the tablets or pills are sold by the chemical name of the ingredient which is used to formulate the drug. For an instance, sildenafil, it is the name of the chemical substance that is used to formulate this drug and hence is available in the market with the same name. And hence, the brand Biobaxy, the generic medicine supplier, does the same. Some of the products of this company are also sold and available in the market with their generic names. The generic medicine supplier also is capable of selling or marketing the drug under the name of its chemicals, that too, without any advertising. The company Biobaxy lays full trust on their employees and trusts them for the formulation of the original, authentic and effective products. All the products of this brand have faced several tough exams before entering the market and thus prove to the best and widely accepted products and brands of the generic medicines. Hence, a customer can order the required product directly from this supplier in just few clicks.

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