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Here Is Exactly Where We Are with Covid 19 Vaccines and Treatment

Here Is Exactly Where We Are with Covid 19 Vaccines and Treatment

SARs - Coronavirus 2, is the cause of Covid 19, an infection the world is trying to fight. It' a major crisis that has brought the world to a halt since world war 2. With global infections of over 10 million and more than 100,000 thousand death, people are curious to know the fate and progress when it comes to finding a solution.

Well, scientists in the whole world are working day and night to that the vaccines and medications of Covid 19 come into existence. There is hope that the world will soon return to normalcy. Also, as there are speculations that a suitable vaccine will be out by the end of this year.

A lot of companies are working on anti-viral drugs. Some of which are used to treat other illnesses to Covid 19 patients. Other companies are working on vaccines, which will be used as a preventive measure against Covid 19.
As of late July, scientists were examining nearly 300 potential treatments. Booth antivirals and vaccines would be useful in battling the virus.

Science targets to slow the pandemic and lessen the damages caused by the disease. Most people are looking into whether the existing antiviral might be used to treat the disease, or new drugs should be developed to tackle the virus.

It can take several months for Covid drugs to come into existence. Drugs are regularly tested in clinical trials to test their effectiveness if they are safe, and the proper dosage that needs to be administered. Scientists from the United Kingdom encourage more comprehensive screening of the existing drugs to check their ability to work.

As of now, nearly 200 vaccines have been developed worldwide. Six of them have already been tested in phase 3 of clinical trials.
Treatment is a vital part of the Covid 19 management. It makes it easy to manage before the appropriate vaccine is available. It' also necessary to handle the imperfections in the vaccine's effectiveness and uptake.

Currently, two drugs have demonstrated a therapeutic effect against Covid 19 clinical treatment. These are the common steroid dexamethasone and remdesivir.

Remdesivir reduces recovery time for infected patients, and dexamethasone reduced the mortality rate of the sickest patients. Doctors have shifted their protocol against ventilators and, in turn, are using remdesivir and dexamethasone under emergency PDA approval resulting from the increasing rate of survival as of late July.

National Institute of Health is preparing to launch some of the most approaches like studies of antiviral monoclonal antibodies, blood thinners to prevent blood clots, and drugs that minimize out of control immune systems.

Even when a vaccine is found, it can difficult to make and distribute even if one or more of them is safe. Unfortunately, people will continue to contract the virus, as not all people will be vaccinated, and it may not be effective on everyone, especially the older population who are at higher risk for illness and death.

People should continue keeping safe, wearing masks, and maintain physical distance to reduce Covid 19 infections and deaths.

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