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Biobaxy Oxygen Concentrators

Biobaxy Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen is essential for us all as it keeps our respiratory framework system going. The most widely recognized method of getting sufficient oxygen is through the air around us. Thusly, we need to keep the air around us cleaner and in abundance by planting trees. Victims of respiratory issues because of the rise of air pollution levels or any health sickness, think that its hard to get sufficient oxygen which is   clean to relax and breathe.

Oxygen Concentrators is additionally of extraordinary assistance for individuals who have low degrees of oxygen in their blood and think that its hard to relax. This condition is generally normal in old age individuals and represses them from driving a solid and dynamic and active  life.

Allow us to get familiar with this inconceivable equipment and how it can save lives.

How Are They Helping Patients?

As World is Struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic, individuals are running from column to post to orchestrate and arrange  clinic and ICU beds, life-saving drugs, ventilators and above all 'oxygen', to save their friends and family.
Organizing these essential necessities is so extreme today on the grounds that the accessibility of every one of these things is path not as much as what the nation really needs to win this fight battle.

In this assessment times, Oxygen Concentrators have ended up being a "rescurer" for individuals who are somewhat influenced with COVID-19 and are attempting to recuperate in home segregation and isolation, inferable from the shortage of clinical and hospital  beds.

What is an oxygen concentrator?

An oxygen concentrator is a clinical gadget that is usually Larger in size than a PC screen monitor. It works by concentrating oxygen from the encompassing air and supporting the patient in breathing without any problem.

How does it work?

In the present contaminated world, climatic air contains around 78% nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. The last one percent comprises of different gases.
An oxygen concentrator sucks the presented air, filters it through a strainer/filter, and deliveries the nitrogen back into the climatic atmosphere. The filtered oxygen is given to the patient through a pipeline.
The examinations studies have shown that these concentrators produce 90-95 percent unadulterated oxygen. The World Health Organization WHO in 2015 expressed, Concentrators can work and deliver oxygen 24 hours per day ceaselessly, and may last as long as five years.

In straightforward simple terms, oxygen concentrator works in 5 basic advances:

• It takes air from the room.
• Eliminates overabundance nitrogen from the air and compresses it into oxygen-rich air.
• Compresses the air.
• Delivers decontaminated purified air.
• Changes the manner in which the air is conveyed and delivered.
When does a patient require concentrators?

As the vast majority of the people are confronting shortage of oxygen at the present time, individuals should begin taking the assistance of concentrators when their oxygen immersion level dips under 94%. Prominently, oxygen immersion level between 94-100% is viewed as safe and healthy.

These concentrators are successful and effective on patients whose saturation immersion level doesn't dip under 90%, however they can be of help in any event, for those with oxygen saturation immersion dropping as low as 85%. Patients, whose oxygen level dips under this point, will require a preferable flow of oxygen over these concentrators can offer.

Types of oxygen concentrators?

Essentially, there are two kinds of concentrators – consistent stream flow and heartbeat pulse dose.

Nonstop stream concentrators continue to supply a similar flow of oxygen consistently in the event that it isn't killed or turned off. The pulse dose concentrators are a little more intelligent and read the breathing example of the patient and delivery O2 detecting inhalation breath. In the subsequent sort, the per-minute oxygen allotment will vary.

Oxygen Concentrator

For patients with respiratory issues, an oxygen concentrator is an arrangement of supplemental oxygen to keep up vigorous metabolism digestion during patient vehicle.

How can it help?

• Allows patients to use oxygen treatment therapy 24/7, which helps increase  odds of survival endurance
• Improves practice resistance, by permitting the client to exercise longer
• Helps increase endurance stamina  for everyday exercises
• No compelling reason to convey oxygen tanks around
• No issues of refilling it

How are these opposite from oxygen cylinders and LMO?

These are the best options of the cylinders and LMO, which are extremely hard to be moved and put away. Besides, cylinders need to be refilled yet concentrators can keep creating oxygen for as long as five years or more, utilizing only the surrounding air and a force power source.

The lone downside with the concentrators is that they can just inventory 5-10 liters of oxygen each moment, while the basic patients may require 40-45 liters per minute.

Renting or buying oxygen concentrators?

According to the specialists, if a patient is given one-liter oxygen through a concentrator, the oxygen rate in the lungs shoots up to 24 percent, while with two liters, it arrives at 28%, and with 10 liters, it rises to 60 percent. The oxygen each moment must be directed according to the necessity requirement.

The patient should counsel a doctor to know the number of liters each moment of oxygen is required, and a heartbeat pulse oximeter is likewise important to screen the oxygen saturation immersion.

The nature of oxygen created relies on the quantity of strainers/channels utilized in the concentrator, and their quality isn't estimated by their weight yet by liter each moment yield. The ideal weight of these concentrators is under 27 kgs.
If the concentrator gets warmed or heated while working, the nature of oxygen created may drain. Consequently, it must to be utilized just when required.

Do you need a prescription for an oxygen concentrator?

Indeed Yes, a specialist doctor’s prescription to purchase and utilize an oxygen concentrator that concentrates clinical evaluation oxygen is an unquestionable requirement.

This is on the grounds that oxygen utilized for clinical and medical purposes is actually similar to a medicine that is recommended by a specialist doctor. A doctor’s prescription with respect to the amount to utilize and how frequently to utilize it is subsequently, fundamental or essential.

Oxygen gets poisonous when utilized in high doses and can likewise make harm the lungs. However, under medical and clinical supervision watch, oxygen can improve one's personal satisfaction and help them continue their normal exercise activities in a vastly improved manner.


At Biobaxy we accept that all of us should have approach to quality prodcuts that helps to manage illness, battle infection, or basically improves generally health. That is the reason a considerable piece of our business today and a huge bit of our innovative work spending plan is centered around health products.

We ensure that our clients get pure, unadulterated health products, yet additionally that they will be given any vital client support which may go with their products. We focus on every single client and ensure that the precise products and right amount is apportioned. You can depend on us to get any required health products advantageously at an extraordinary cost.

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• Authentic Product: Be 100% guaranteed of getting authentic products
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