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7 Benefits of Hospira Pumps

7 Benefits of Hospira Pumps

It is more efficient to use infusion pumps to administer fluid compared to manual pumps. Hospira pumps are the best since they have tons of benefits. They however require a specialist to operate them.

They deliver fluids such as medicine and nutrients to patients in controlled amounts. In most cases, Hospira pumps are found in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. They make work easier for the nurses as most of the time, they focus on the patient's care and comfort.

Here are some of the benefits of these pipes to both the patient and the staff.

Increased Patient Safety

Every hospital focuses on the safety and care of their patient. A Hospira pump has a safety software installed in every unit. This software helps to reduce the risk and errors like overdosing or under-dosing when administering medication.

The pump also ensures that your patient receives medication, nutrients, and fluids as required and on time. It has a simple screen that prevents tampering by visitors, untrained staff, or even the patient himself. The pumps also have warning tones that alert staff if the machine blocks or air enters the pipe. This machine is the best compared to what manual administration can offer.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Hospira pumps are easy to assemble and activate. They come with a user interface, making it easier to deliver fluids and nutrients to the patient. Since they can also be operated using battery power, your patient will continue receiving administration even in when a power outage occurs. This factor makes them more dependable.


Hospira pumps have an internal log for record-keeping. They record the day and time when each medication is administered. To view the records, the staff has to input a password that guarantees maximum security and information privacy. The records also help to pinpoint any abuse of the pump by staff.


Hospira pumps have a touch screen interface that allows the use of wet gloves. Hence, they can also be used in operating rooms. They also have an icon-based display that enables you to access different features at ago. This user interface makes Hospira pumps to be the most intuitive and user-friendly pump.


Staff can set the start time, stop time, and any other instruction on the Hospira pumps, which saves nurses time and, therefore, gives the management a chance to improve on reimbursements.


The design of a Hospira pump is user friendly. It is easier to find out what you need on this machine.

Reduced medical errors

Just a small error in the medical field poses a danger to the patient's life. It is difficult to avoid medical mistakes because of the human factor. The hospira pump is made in such a way that it produces correct and straight forward doses. Since nurses can review previous administrations, it lowers the risks.

Hospira pumps ease the work of nurses and give more safety to their patients. Every hospital should make a choice of having them installed.

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