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9 Natural Home Remedies for Baby Cough And Cold

9 Natural Home Remedies for Baby Cough And Cold

It is easier for you to get over-the-counter drugs when you have coughs or cold.  However,you cannot do that for your baby. Your prescriptions are too strong for your baby and can bring about profound side effects, some of which are life-threatening

You can try some drug-free remedies to ease the effects. Do you want to try? Let us have a look.

Saline drops

Your child may have trouble when sleeping, breathing, and even eating. For a stuffy nose, you can use saline drops. You can also use nasal saline gel to calm congestion. Saline drops help to thin mucus in the nose. They also shrink the swollen airways in the nose.
Use two drops thrice per day

The suction bulb is the best for babies, especially if they can not blow the nose.
Give more drinks

Most drinks, especially milk, water, juice, and warm chicken soup, are the best. Extra fluids will thin out mucus, and your child's nose will not be stuffy. He will also be able to cough out all the gunk easily.

Breast milk

If your child is less than six months old, breast milk is the best. You can also give formula. Breast milk is full of nutrients, and so your baby will be safe. You may also need to offer more breast milk than usual.


Steaming will relieve your baby from blockage. It is calmer and more comfortable to do. Run the hot shower of your bathroom. Allow the steam to fill up the room. Turn off the tap and take your baby inside. Do not use hot water in tumblers as it may pose a danger if knocked down.


Honey is so sweet and is the best when you want to soothe your baby's sore throat. Though honey contains antibacterial properties, it is not suitable for children less than one year.

You can give to toddlers over one and make sure that you limit putting in mind the honey's high sugar content. You can also add to warm water and let your baby drink.

Elevate the head

It feels good to sleep on a pillow. Use a rolled-up towel to elevate the one end of the mattress in the baby's crib. Ensure that it is where the baby's head rests.

Take a walk

Fresh air relieves coughs. You can bundle your child and take a short walk in the cold weather. You can also choose to open the freezer door so that the child can have an encounter with the fresh cold air in it.

Use vapor rub

Apply vapor rub on your child's feet at night. Please do not put it on the face or under the nose. Use vapor rub that has menthol or camphor. Do not use camphor for children under two years.

Appropriate clothing

If your baby has a cold or a cough, keep him warm. In case he has a running temperature, reduce the clothes. A cold environment is a breeding ground for cold and cough. Loose garments will help to reduce his temperature.

To crown it all. Do not stress your child. Avoid forcing stuff to your baby. Let the baby relax to quicken his recovery.

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