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These 10 remedies are tried and true for healing toothaches

These 10 remedies are tried and true for healing toothaches

You know just how annoying an aching tooth is. It throbs and pulsates with pain. Indeed, the only thing you can fixate on is the pain until it slowly disappears. But why suffer? There are remedies that you can make with ingredients in your house that will get rid of a toothache. You don’t have to spend hundreds seeing the dentist. Read further to find out what these remedies are.

These are 10 effective ways to heal your teeth

If you want to have teeth that feel great it helps if they’re healthy. There are things you can do to get healthy teeth:

Gargle with warm salt water - you know that this is an effective way to relieve a sore throat. Did you know that gargling and rinsing your mouth out with salt water can also help clean your teeth and gums. For starters, swishing water around your mouth will loosen any food particles. The salt contains enzymes that can kill the bacteria in your mouth that can cause tooth pain.

Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide - this is safe and healthy as long as you don’t swallow it. Be sure to add lots of water to this before you put it in your mouth. Pure hydrogen peroxide is an acid which can definitely irritate your gum and teeth tissue. This will just make your toothache worse. It could even lead to other oral problems. It will kill a lot of the bacteria in your mouth that has been causing your tooth pain.

Wrap a bag of ice in a towel - then firmly press it on the aching area for at least 10 minutes. The coldness of the ice will cause your blood vessels to shrink. You’ll feel less pain because you’ll be having fewer pain sensors traveling to your brain through your bloodstream.

Use a warm peppermint tea bag compress - the chemicals in peppermint tea will soothe your nerves. You’ll feel instant pain relief.

Coat your tooth in garlic paste - did you know that strong antibacterial chemicals are what create that pungent smell in garlic. If you crush garlic cloves and apply it to your aching teeth and gums, you’ll feel instantaneous relief.

Vanilla - apply sparing amounts of pure vanilla extract to your aching teeth and jaws. Vanilla extract is loaded with alcohol. This is a natural disinfectant. It also helps relieve pain.

Use cloves - the trick lies in massaging your affected tooth with clove oil for a few minutes at a time a few times a day. You’ll feel instant relief.

Coat your tooth with guava leaf juice - the juice has chemicals and enzymes that can soothe and alleviate inflammation

Eat wheatgrass and it has chlorophyll. This does what its more powerful counterparts like Amoxicillin and Erythromycin do. It kills the bacteria in your mouth that cause toothaches.

Thyme oil - massage a few drops of this into your affected jaw area a few times a day. The chemicals in it are effective at restoring body cells and killing bacteria

The remedy to your toothache lies in your kitchen

You don’t have to spend hundreds on expensive treatments to get rid of nagging tooth pain. Look no further than your fridge and pantry!

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