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5 Amazing Exercises to Tone Your Body

5 Amazing Exercises to Tone Your Body

You probably want to get that toned, built and sexy body. With the right exercises, you will closely get to your goal. However, you need to be consistent.  It's a merging of will, dedication, diet and more of exercise with consistency.

Let's jump in to some of exercises you should try out to tone an inch of your body.

1. Pushups

This has been the most popular exercise to most. To get going, get your body in a plank position with your hands out maintaining tight form and balance. Lower your body towards the ground without touching it then back to the initial position. Try this several times i.e. 5 times.

2. Squats

Squats increase body and core strength and flexibility in lower back and hips. To exercise, stand straight with your feet wider than the shoulder-width and your arms at your sides. Brace your core and chin up and push your hips back and bend your knees as if sitting down.

Drop down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, as you bring your arms out in-front of you. You should then extend your legs and return to the initial position. Try this several times before taking a break

3. Single leg dead-lifts

This exercise is meant to challenge your balance. Have a light to moderate dumbbell for the exercise. Stand with a dumbbell in your right hand and knees slightly bend. You then have to kick your right leg back behind you as you lower the dumbbell towards the ground.
On reaching comfortable height with the right leg, slowly return it to the initial position ensuring the pelvic is square to the ground. Repeat these 10 to 15 times before changing to the left leg and the dumbbell to the left hand.

4. Sit-ups

Despite being regarded as basic, sit-ups are effective especially for those having back problems. To start, lie down on the ground with your knees bent, feet flat, and hands behind your head.

With your feet stuck on the ground, roll up your head engaging your core only in the movement. Move until your chest rest on your legs then back in a slow, controlled phase to the starting position.

5. Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge works for your posterior chain for perkier look of your booty. To begin, lie on the floor with knees bent, feet flat on the ground, arms at your side with arms facing down. You then have to raise your hips off the ground by pushing through your heels and squeezing your core, glutes and arm string.

The upper part of your body should be in contact to the ground as your core down your knees forms a straight line. Make a pause on top for at least 10 seconds before returning to the initial position. Complete 8-12 reps for 2 to 3 sets.

Make It a Habit

These important exercises will give you're your desired body shape and maintain your health. All has to be with commitment and hard-work to get better results and have a better experience in maintaining the results. You have to make it your habit to get better outcome.

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