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Do you know the 13 reasons why you should be working out in the morning?

Do you know the 13 reasons why you should be working out in the morning?

You have probably heard of people doing yoga in the morning. Indeed, people do many things in the morning. They go on a walk, they make breakfast, they read the newspaper, etc...But few people ever think about working out in the morning. Well, you’ll learn 13 benefits of doing so!

13 benefits of doing a morning workout

You’re very fresh in the morning. After all, you’ve just woken up from a good night’s sleep. This makes you very alert and full of energy. This is the perfect condition to be working out in. but there are many other reasons/benefits too.

  • Your mind will be clearer - after all, you can do the best workout when all that can distract you is the sound of the birds chirping in the morning. Since your day is just starting, you don’t face the annoying distraction that constant texts on your smartphone pose when you’re jogging on the treadmill.
  • You won’t overheat - your metabolism increases dramatically as you exercise. This raises your body’s internal temperature. If you do an intensive workout at noon in the hot sun, you run the risk of overheating even if you drink plenty of water. The temperature is generally very cool in the early morning, so overheating is not a risk.
  • You’ll eat healthier - many studies do show that people who work out regularly in the morning also eat a much healthier breakfast and even lunch than their more sedentary peers.
  • You’ll have a long and strong attention span - a good attention span and the ability to stay focused and think clearly throughout the day is something that you need whether you’re working, studying, going to class, or taking care of little kids. Regular morning exercise helps you accomplish this. The reason for this is because regular morning exercise helps balance out the cortisol hormones in your body.
  • You’ll be more energetic - you will pump more oxygen into your lungs and heart. This will result in your blood being infused with greater levels of oxygen, vitamins, and minerals that your organs need for you to function at your best throughout the day. You’ll end up having much more energy all day.
  • Your cognitive functions will improve - many studies show that regular morning exercise can improve your vision. It can also improve your critical thinking, problem-solving, and concentration/decision-making abilities.
  • You’ll feel perky throughout the day - you’ll feel good emotionally. The reason why is because your brain goes into overdrive producing serotonin and other ‘feel-good’ hormones when you exercise. You’ll be infusing your brain with plenty of these chemicals and hormones when you exercise in the morning. Your brain will retain high levels of these hormones and chemicals throughout the day.
  • You’ll have an easier time with weight management - there’s a reason why people who exercise regularly in the morning have little trouble managing their weight. The human body burns the most amount of fat and the greatest number of calories when it exercises in the morning. So you’re actually doing your body a favor by jogging on the treadmill.
  • You won’t overeat - morning exercise lowers the levels of ghrelin in your blood stream. This is an appedite stimulant. You’ll find that certain hormones that suppress your appetite wil increase. You’ll feel less hungry throughout the day and you will be eating less.
  • You’ll be more active throughout the day - your exercise won’t end in the morning. You’ll be engaged in physical activity all day long.
  • Your blood sugar levels will be under control - Glucose is the medical term for blood sugar. Morning exercise regulates blood sugar levels throughout the day. It reduces the risk of people with Type 1 diabetes from ending up with low blood sugar.
  • Your blood pressure will be controlled - morning exercise may be the best way to control high blood pressure.
  • Better sleep - if you exercise in the morning, you’ll find that you will sleep better at night.

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