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8 Natural Detox for Women

8 Natural Detox for Women

Detoxing is one way of removing toxins from the body. It's an ancient practice that has been very effective. It helps remove the unwanted waste products from the body, including excess toxins. Nutritionists recommend detox drinks to get rid of the toxins and also hasten the weight loss journey.

Several factors affect the journey of losing weight in women, often relating to their genetic makeup. They include pregnancy effects, menopause, metabolism, PCOS struggles, and hormonal imbalances.

Weight affects the functioning of specific body organs, resulting to production of toxins in the body. The environment too is another source of toxin in your bodies. How do you get rid of the excess toxins? Read on for more information.

1. Green Tea Detox

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You can infuse it with fruits such as ginger, blueberries, and chamomile. Also, most supermarket shelves house different types of green teas. You can prepare your own green detox at home.

2. Lemonade Cleanse

Lemon is easy to find fruit, available at most groceries, and very affordable. You can include in almost all the detox plans. The most crucial aspect of the lemon is ascorbic acid. It assists in the cleansing process. Lemon recipes are relatively easy to make.

3. Orange-Carrot Ginger Drink

Oranges contain vitamin C and also antioxidants. Carrots have fiber and beta carotene. Fibers aid in digestion and weight loss. Ginger is a remedy for bloating, digestion, and even stomach cramps. Ginger is also inflammatory. All these three combined bring out a power-packed detox drink.

4. Apple Cider and Baking powder

This combo purifies the blood and helps balance the body's Ph. It removes uric acid from your body, leaving you lighter.

5. Water

Water detoxifies by flushing out toxins from the body. When you take in more water, you help purify your blood. Moreover, water helps body organs to function. It also increases the flow of minerals and aids in digestion.

6. Cucumber and Mint Detox

Mint helps soothe stomach upset. It also speeds the digestion process, as a result of the increased flow of bile. Cucumber is full of antioxidants. Coupled together, they bring out a relaxed feeling to the body and improve the detox process.

7. Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger has a significant impact on detoxing and helps to reduce cholesterol. Honey lemon ginger tea has a vast effect on our bodies. It helps increase metabolism and counters nausea. Additionally, it relieves cramping and strengthens the immune system.

It relieves cold and flu symptoms hence bring a soothing effect to the patient. The best part of this drink is that it detoxes the system, bringing forth a smooth, rejuvenated skin, every woman's desire.

8. Green Smoothie

A green smoothie is a mixture of blended green vegetables. In most cases, you include fruits and vegetables in smoothies. You can take it as a diet itself from more than seven days or incorporate it with other meals. Vegetables carry lots of fiber, which aids in digestion.

Detoxing once in a while is good for weight loss and your health at large.

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