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How Many Over 40 Can Achieve Six Pack

How Many Over 40 Can Achieve Six Pack

Yes, life is getting more complicated as you get old, but that shouldn't prevent you from getting pumped up with nice looking abs.Anyone beyond 40 years can still sculpt a six-pack. All that is need from you is a commitment to a training plan, and you will achieve your goal.

To land on that six-pack that you desire, you should focus your training on building a strong functional core. But first things first, it's important to note that:

1)  If your body has extra pounds around the waist, you will have to put in extra work before the six-pack comes in. You should not rely on "spot reduction" since it does not work. Commit your self to a weight transformation program, and you will be happy with the results.
2)  Even with a significant layer of fat around your waist, hope is not lost.  Since abs are muscles, you can strengthen the muscles underneath the fat. By doing this, you will simultaneously lose the fat and also strengthen your abs.
3) Before starting your training program, you need to have a proper mindset. It would help if you also ate right by following a healthy meal plan which works best for you.

Best Six Pack Exercise for Men with Over 40 Years.

Lying Leg Raised

You can have a rippling washable stomach by doing the lying leg raised abexercise. It will help you develop your lower abs. The exercise involves you lying on your back and then engage your abs by raising then lowering your relatively straightened legs.

Ab-Wheel Rollout

In ab-wheel rollout, you start in a tabletop position on your knees. After you have set your self up, roll the ab-wheel out in front of you to the furthest point and the back. For this exercise to be effective tense your ab muscles and don't let your lower back dip at the furthest point.

Swiss Ball Clunch

The swiss ball clunch will make you feel the burn in your core. Your back and posture will be strong thanks to this exercise. In swiss clunch, position your lower back on an exercise ball with your butt just off of the ball. Outstretch your arms and tuck your chin, then curl your abs forward.

RKP Plank

The Russian Kettlebell Club (RKC) is the best exercise for your abs. In RKP plank, assume a plank position then push the forearms up to create a small rounding in the upper back. Tense your glutes and quads tightly, then hold the position as long as you can.

Side Plank

Side plank focuses on the obliques that run from top to bottom outsideyour abs. for overall six pack development, it's important to work on strong obliques. To do a side plank, place your forearm on the ground, then a line it with your shoulder. Place your leg to the sides with your feet on top of each other. Make sure your body is in a straight line and then lift your hip off the ground.

Age doesn't matter when it comes to sculpting a six-pack. All you need is exercise, eating healthy, and dedication, then you'll sculpt a six-pack in no time.

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