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How To Improve Men’s Mental Health

How To Improve Men’s Mental Health

Unlike women, men find it challenging to open up about their mental health. Unfortunately, this puts the men at higher risk of attempting suicide than women. According to WHO (World Health Organization) reports from 2018, three times as many women as men commit suicide.

Everybody struggles with their mental health at some points in their lives. Apart from diseases and tragic accidents, suicide also contributes to several deaths. Many men don’t talk about it, since they feel they will be burden others.

Society has portrayed men as formidable beings who are emotionless; hence reaching out in case of problems would make them vulnerable. They, in turn, end up bottling their emotion. When they can’t, it forces them to break.

Here are ways you can improve men's health.

Get Out and Be Active

According to men’s health week, 60 percent of the inactive men are likely to suffer from depression than their active counterparts. It’s not a must you get into challenging sports.

Just walking around for 20 minutes every day is excellent for your mental wellbeing. You can decide to walk your dog more often or take your kids to the park.  Walking around the block has a significant effect on your health in general.

Find A Hobby

Having something that will drive you from all your problems is a satisfying feeling. Go for something which you enjoy doing. It could be cycling, reading, swimming, drawing, or woodworking. Fill your time with meaningful activities to keep your brain at its best.

Have Control of Your Finances

One of the leading causes of depression, leading to suicidal thoughts, is financial instability.  Men often feel the burden of providing financial security to their families. If they are unable to do this, it might take a toll on their lives.

Men should learn how to manage resources to learn how to manage their money. You can consult a financial counselor to help you control your debts and put you and your finances back on track.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek help.

There is a stigma associated with men going about seeking help.  Hence, it makes it difficult for them to acknowledge they are experiencing any mental health issues. Most of them avoid seeking support altogether, which can be emotionally draining.

You shouldn’t suffer in silence. Talk to your partner, your friends, family, and even workmates. If you fear being judged, a psychologist would be of great help.

Invest in Quality Connections

Dealing with mental health issues may be isolating. There is that feeling that nobody understands you. But, investing in quality relationships decreases the chances of mental health problems like addictions, depressions, and anxiety.

As much as it can be hard finding time to catch up with your mates, you need to create it.  You can reach out to your friends or join a social group. Being in a safe and busy environment makes you feel less isolated.

Men's mental health matters. The world needs to be vocal about it, to reduce the number of suicidal deaths worldwide.

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