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5 tips to get your diabetes under control

Have you ever heard of the ‘sweet disease?’ Well, that’s a slang reference to diabetes. This is a disease you develop when your body either becomes incapable of making enough insulin that will successfully process refined sugar. Refined sugar in its pure form is like an ‘organic poison!’ It’ll slowly accumulate in your body and kill it. For example, diabetes has been known to cause blindness, limb loss, and even heart disease/heart failure.

So what are you to do if you already have developed diabetes? Well, this article will discuss 5 tips from medical experts that will help you manage your diabetes.

Get out and exercise - well, you burn calories and lose weight when you exercise. This is especially true if you do intense aerobic exercise. Before you wonder where this is going, you should know that weight loss and exercise can help you manage and even reverse your diabetes. It will also lower your blood sugar levels and help your body make more of better quality insulin.

Remember that old adage about an apple a day - well, apples are rich in fiber. Studies show that eating a diet that is high in fiber helps your body manage your blood sugar levels better. But there are even more benefits. You’ll end up losing weight. The reason why is because you’ll get fuller faster - fiber is full of bulk which fills your stomach up quickly. You’ll end up eating less and will lose weight!

Eat as many whole-grain foods as possible - well, white grain bread is nothing but a bunch of fat, sugar, empty carbs, and salt. In fact, there is very little difference between a twinkie and white enriched bread in terms of nutritional value. Whole-grain foods (and bread) contain lots of fiber and other nutrients/minerals that you can actually use. This helps because it helps your body produce more insulin and manage your blood sugar levels better.

Get rid of that muffin top - carrying around extra weight is more than unsightly, it can be deadly. It’s no secret that excess weight causes diabetes, especially at a young age. So make sure that your body mass index (BMI) is between 20 and 25. Your body will thank you! Furthermore, some studies found that people who reduced their body fat by 7% halved their risk of developing diabetes in the future.

Forget what you heard about the Atkins and/or keto diets - these are fad diets. They may be popular for a while, but you know what? They don’t work. Most people who try these diets lose some weight initially. But what they didn’t tell you is that they gained all of that weight and then some within a few months of going off of these diets. Just stick to the food pyramid that the USDA published years ago. Eat the servings of foods that it suggests and you’ll be keeping diabetes at bay. Besides, these fad diets actually cut out nutrients your body needs to function at its best because it cuts certain foods out of your natural diet!