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Five simple steps to control your blood pressure

Have you heard of Alzheimer’s and dementia? These are deadly brain degenerative diseases. The first strikes men towards the end of their lives and the second women towards the end of their lives. Both diseases are believed to be caused by uncontrolled blood pressure. To make sure that you don’t get these (and other deadly diseases), you can follow these five simple steps to control your blood pressure!

How to keep your blood pressure in the normal range

The normal readings for blood pressure are 120/80. If you want to make sure that your blood pressure is always in this range, do the following:

Always know what your blood pressure number is - if you have high blood pressure, you want your readings to go no higher than 130/80 mm/hg. systolic/diastolic. Keeping your blood pressure in the desired range will keep you healthier and help you live longer.

Formulate a plan with your doctor - think of your doctor as being your professional health consultant and friend. Work with him or her to formulate a feasible plan that will help keep your blood pressure numbers within the desired range.

Live healthily - you’ll live longer if you live healthily.you can do so by Remember that your ideal weight range should be within 18.5 and 24.9. In case you’re wondering, this is your Body Mass Index, and it measures the percentage of your body that’s comprised of fat.

Eat lots of leafy greens - vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and kale are loaded with the minerals, nutrients, and fiber that will help you stay lean and skinny. Be sure to supplement your diet with lots of fruit and low-fat dairy products. Keep saturated and trans-fats to a minimum

Eat less salt - this means choosing not to eat lots of processed foods. You may not have been aware of this but salt raises your blood pressure significantly. You’ll also feel better and be healthier if you eat foods with less salt.

Hit the gym - studies show that doing aerobic exercise for as little as 15 minutes a day lowers your blood pressure substantially. It also helps keep you within your ideal BMI. this in turn helps you live longer.

Don’t’ overdo alcohol - try not to drink more than 2 drinks a day. In case you’re wondering why alcohol raises your blood pressure and thins your blood.

Check your blood pressure constantly - take your blood pressure at least a few times a day. You may even want to track your blood pressure over a period of time. Show your log to your doctor. This will help him or her spot potential problems in the future right away.

Be religious with taking your medicines - if you’re put on blood pressure meds by your doctors like Lisinopril or Losartan, be sure not to miss any dosages. Doing so is like playing Russian Roulette with your life!

You can make blood pressure work for you

Indeed, you can make sure that your blood pressure is always in the ideal range by following the steps mentioned above!