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Do you know how eczema affects your gut?

Do you know how eczema affects your gut?

It turns out the eczema does more than produce unsightly rashes on your skin. It can also affect the health of your digestive system. So, if you find that you have strange skin rashes and ulcers, see the doctor. This article will explain why.

How eczema affects your gut

Well, there is an old saying, “you are what you eat!” It should be no surprise that people suffer from eczema more in developed nations. People in these nations tend to eat more processed foods. The extra additives and preservatives are not always processed by their body’s digestive systems. Furthermore, evidence seems to suggest that these preservatives and additives may cause the gut to produce an enzyme called microbes that can irritate the skin and cause eczema.

What to do to balance your gut

If it really is true that an imbalanced gut can cause itchy and irritated skin then it may make sense that a balanced gut could reverse that. As strange as it sounds, many researchers are finding evidence which substantiates this. There is a growing repository of evidence which links a high concentration of prebiotics (in the gut) to clearer and calmer skin.

Prebiotics are fiber. Most fruits and vegetables are rich in them. They are believed to keep the cells in your intestine very functional. What's even more amazing is the fact that prebiotics tend to reinforce the effectiveness of probiotics both in terms of skin and gut health.

How to eat your way to glowing and smooth skin

Growing evidence seems to suggest that eating a balanced diet helps prevent and alleviate eczema. A balanced diet includes fresh vegetables and fruits of all types, fish, plants, and foods that are rich in both vitamin A and carotenoids. If you suffer from eczema eat foods that are high in substances with anti-inflammatory properties. A good example of an anti-inflammatory substance is the fatty acid Omega 3.

There is growing evidence that suggests that eating foods rich in these anti-inflammatory substances can prevent the development of eczema at a very early age. Furthermore, those kids who continue to eat healthily from a young age may be able to delay or even prevent the development of this annoying and sometimes serious skin condition.

A healthy immune system helps

Researchers are discovering that a healthy immune system can improve skin health. This is because a healthy immune system can support a healthy gut. Both will prevent your body from producing potentially harmful bacteria that can cause skin inflammation and itchiness.

An apple a day may do more than keep the doctor away

Indeed, since the fiber and nutrients/minerals found in apples and other similar fruits and vegetables can balance the gut and this tends to lead to clear skin, an apple a day may help resolve eczema!

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