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How to Support Your Health During the Pandemic

How to Support Your Health During the Pandemic

Your immune system plays a significant role in your wellness. It helps your body to identify viruses and other pathogens and fight them. During this Covid 19 pandemic, everyone is practicing social distancing. Lifestyles have changed. There is an urge to keep yourself healthy.

The world Health organization has put in self measures to curb the spread of the virus. These measures include staying at home, washing your hands with soap, self-care, sanitizing, self-quarantine, use of masks, and social distancing.

The following tips will help you support your health during this pandemic:


With most gyms still closed, there are some activities you can still do at home to stay fit. Ensure to take a 30-minutes’ walk daily. You can also jog but in less crowded areas. In the house, incorporate pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, towel exercises, among other indoor activities. Just make sure you don't sit for longer hours.

Enough Sleep

Ensure that you maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Do not take caffeinated or alcoholic drinks in the evening. Enough sleep helps your brain rest. Minimize your screen-time two hours before your bedtime. Take a warm shower to soothe you to sleep.

Control Your Stress Levels

When you get stressed, the body produces cortisol at high levels, which suppresses your immune function. Take time meditating and journaling to reduce stress. Limit how much news you read and watch.

Reflect on yourself, which is very important. Be patient to yourself. In case something did not work out, forgive yourself andgive it a second chance. Don’t force things to happen. Keep your mind from straying by learning and perfecting new skills.

Diet and Nutrition

Take lots of dark green leafy vegetables, fresh oranges, and tomatoes, fresh herbs, and take lots of water. Do not entertain emotional eating. Make a habit of eating whole, nutritious foods, and avoid processed meals on your plate. Do not take junk.


You need to take time and care for yourself. Have a quality time with your family members, take enough time relaxing and meditating. You can do this solo, or together with the rest of the family members.

Healthcare Maintenance

If you have any prescribed medications, ensure that you take them as instructed. Diabetes, asthma, and hypertension are the most chronic diseases that need to be handled with caution. In case of anything strange, you need to seek help from the experts. Do not self-medicate. If you want to speak to a health care provider, telehealth solutions are available.

Stay Connected

During this pandemic, people have found themselves in quarantine. To avoid feeling down, it is better to have someone to talk to. Friends and family here top the priority list. Utilize technology to your level best, and take advantage of the free apps to help you stay in touch with your loved ones.

You need to visit a health care center if you have Covid related issues or facing any injuries. In case of any medical urgency, also visit the health care center.

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