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Do you know how to keep your gut healthy?

Do you know how to keep your gut healthy?

If you are one of the many people who hate having an imbalanced gut and the gas and belly pain associated with that, this article is for you. You’ll learn about the foods not to eat for a healthy gut. More importantly, you’ll learn about the foods you should be eating for good gut health. So, read on to learn more about how to eat your way to a healthy gut.

You are what you eat!

While this may seem like a well-worn adage, one that you have heard too many times before, it’s because it’s true. This is especially true of gut health. If you want to ‘eat your way to a healthy gut, one food to eat is greek yogurt. This type of yogurt is full of the probiotic bacteria that supports good gut and stomach health,

Eat mangoes

Ah yes, there is nothing like a sweet mango to quench your thirst during those hot summer months. Mangos do more than just satisfy your taste buds. They can also promote good gut health. They contain special enzymes which will balance the bacteria and HCL that’s naturally present in your digestive system. They are also known to help you lose weight. Their fiber will fill you up faster and will cause you to eat less. Additionally, they are great at controlling high blood pressure.

Stay away from the twinkies

While it may be tempting to down those little cream filled sponge cake wonders, they may do more than just give a headache and make you gain weight. New research is increasingly indicating that twinkies and other types of processed foods can seriously upset the natural balance of bacteria in your gut with all of their extra sugars, fats, additives, and other artificial ingredients. If you are going to eat processed foods, do so very occasionally.

Red meat

While it may be a great source of iron and protein, you want to make sure to eat beef and other types of red meat only occasionally. Research has long indicated that excessive consumption of red meat can lead to colon cancer. But it can also wreak havoc on your gut. Many studies have revealed that eating too much red meat can actually kill off the good bacteria that promotes gut health and healthy digestion.

Avoid pudding

Well, you really want to avoid eating too much of any food that contains high fructose corn syrup. Research indicates that this ingredient will upset the natural balance of probiotic (good) bacteria in your gut. This will lead to intense and acute digestive and other gastrointestinal tract problems. But it can do far more than just mess your gut up. Eating foods that have high fructose corn syrup can also cause diabetes and liver problems/diseases.

You don’t need to take expensive medicines for a healthy gut

Indeed, if you want to always have a calm and pleased stomach and if you don’t want any gut problems, the answer may lie in diet change. The options for this lie no further than your refrigerator and pantry.

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